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Surgical Scars Are Now a Thing of the Past

By Daniela Dadurian, M.D.
Surgical ScarsSurgical scars can leave a lasting impression, whether you’ve had a breast augmentation, tummy tuck, hip surgery, any other surgery or even acne scarring. Scars can be a constant reminder of a part of your life that keeps resurfacing every time you look in the mirror. There are many different types of scars including hypertrophic, keloid, erythematous (red), hyper-pigmented (dark brown), depressed and hypo-pigmented (discolored) scars. Natural Scar Remedies may include applying lemons, honey, onion extract, aloe vera, olive oil and tea tree oil. However, there are many clinical solutions to reducing scars without any downtime. Some of these solutions may include laser treatments, steroid injections, microneedling, intense pulsed light, chemical peels and medical grade scar care products.
Hypertrophic and keloid scars are raised. The first treatment option would be to inject steroids to flatten them out. After they flatten out depending on their appearance the skin texture can be improved with microneedling.  Microneedling consist of using an electronic device with small diameter needles that under topical anesthesia are used to puncture little channels into the scar tissue. This helps to break up the scar tissue under the skin and stimulates new collagen production improving the skin’s texture. Depending on the severity of the scar several session may be required. Depressed scars are treated the same way except they do not require steroid injections. Microneedling with the dermapen is preferred to stimulate the collagen to fill in the depressed area.
Hyperpigmented or erythematous scars may require treatments with intense pulse light that improves the pigmentary irregularities. Intense pulse light is a laser type device that targets specifically the pigments red and brown. Depending on the intensity of the scar coloring, it may require several treatments.
Alternatively the Fractional laser can be used and is a highly advanced technology for many types of scars. Fractional is a 1540 nm laser that is used with a topical numbing agent to drill microscopic beams of laser damage into the skin thereby stimulating collagen production. What I especially like using with fractional or microneedling is PRP platelet rich plasma or tensage ampoules. PRP is use of your own enriched platelets that speeds up healing and recovery time. Tensage is a skin care ampoule that can be used daily to treat scars, but works effectively when combine with either of these two processes.
Once the basic steps of evening out skin color and discoloration are achieved I like to compliment the results with the VI peel. The beauty of the VI peel that is that it not only compliments any of other scar options, it dramatically improves skin texture.
Lastly, I recently had two patients that visited me for scarring. In comparison they were two different surgical cases but in both cases the scars were severe in size and type.  These scars were relatively new and because the scars were new, none of the above options were recommended to start. I recommended a Scar Care Repair Kit and the scars have diminished up to 85%. in less than four weeks. I highly recommend the Scar Care Repair Kit because it is antimicrobial, infused with Vitamin E and made with medical grade silicone.
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