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The powerful all natural solution for readily conquering anxiety and stress!

By Dr. Steve Lanoff and Cyndi Menaker LMT, MAT
anxietyIn today’s fast paced world where time is always running and there’s not a moment to loose, with cell phones ringing, traffic building, deadlines ticking, and the new server at Starbucks hesitating…
Who’s not suffering from stress?
Stress negatively impacts your sleep, your mood, your diet, how you look and how you feel. Stress also impacts your health on a cellular level and is the precursor to most diseases. Each of us copes with stress in different ways but the impacts of stress on our internal systems is universally damaging. It is critical for your health to manage your stress by keeping your oxygen levels from depleting and your nervous system balanced.
As medical researchers and doctors are now becoming aware many maladies such as heart attacks, anxiety, digestive disorders and cancers are brought about from chronic stress. It breaks down the immune system, causes acidosis, and continually depletes oxygen levels in the body’s cells.
The good news is that a new scientific brake through has come to the forefront by Neuroscientist Dr. Blake Holloway who after nine long years of research, developed and patented a system called NuCalm. NuCalm rebalances the Autonomic Nervous System, relaxing the brain and restoring the body’s ability to heal.
Here’s how it works!
The Autonomic Nervous System, otherwise known as the ANS, has two parts, the parasympathetic and the sympathetic systems. The sympathetic system is the part that kicks in under stressful situations and causes a “fight or flight” reaction. Cortisol and adrenaline levels soar causing a powerful reactive energy resulting in over stimulation similar to a turbo drive in a car engine. It requires a prolonged relaxing stress free period for the blood hormone levels to return to normal and the parasympathetic system to stabilize.
The parasympathetic system works passively running all the body’s functions maintaining a healthy and balanced state of well -being. This system is responsible for balancing our neuro transmitters and hormones. Our lungs, heart, digestion, immune system and all healing activities in our body are all controlled by our parasympathetic system.
Due to our demanding, never ending workdays and the stressful, chemically toxic lifestyles of today, our sympathetic system is always on alert. This means, instead of running on a healthy source of energy from burning fat and creating a good quality fuel through the Krebs Cycle, we get our energy from the adrenal fuels, cortisol and adrenaline.
These are limited fuel sources that can lead to thyroid and adrenal “burn out”. Without an efficiently functioning endocrine system, the body cannot produce and regulate hormones, which play a major role in every system of the body. Without hormones we have a weakened immune system and are left with impaired defenses and a diminished ability to heal.
The NuCalm modulator naturally relaxes the body without any drugs using biochemistry, physics and neurophysiology. It reliably brings brainwave function to a state of deep relaxation allowing the brain and body to restore and rejuvenate. The beneficial results occur quickly. It functions by turning off the switch controlling stress and adrenal dominance through the regulation of neurotransmitters.
As living beings, we are always dependent on the body’s ability to acquire and effectively utilize oxygen for all our metabolic functions. Chronic stress and anxiety, shallow breathing, numerous chemicals in our food, GMO’s, EMF’s, all gradually erode and breakdown the body’s intrinsic ability to replenish and oxygenate our cells.
The best method for generating and maintaining powerfully oxygenated cells is trans-dermal Super Oxygen (ozone) therapy. This is accomplished with moist heat and vaso dialation to ensure complete tissue saturation in a personal sauna. The BARDO SAUNA EXPERIENCE is relaxing, detoxifying and energizing all at once! It gives athletes more energy and stamina, stimulates healing and rebounds the body from exhaustion and enables the body to reach it’s individual level of peak performance.
Calming your mind and body is imperative for great health! The combination of NuCalm and The Bardo Sauna is a sure-fire powerful one two punch and is only available at the BiO2 Energy Zone!
BiO2 Energy Zone

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