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The truth about your diet.

By George E. Sadowski, MD
The truth about your diet.Approximately 70 % of Americans are either overweight or obese. A large proportion of those who are obese are also diabetic.  Despite consuming more than the required calories, obese individuals suffer from many vitamin and micronutrient deficiencies. Many of these deficiencies are thought to contribute to disease. If persons who eat a standard American diet in excess of 100% of required calories are deficient in micronutrients what does that mean for the rest of us?
Studies show that the availability of low cost, nutrient poor foods made available over the last 40 years contribute to a trend in obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. We take note that many of the products may not even qualify as foods due to the scant proportion of over-processed food-like ingredients compared to the chemical and preservative additives. In addition, the recognizable food ingredients are likely processed to such an extent that very few nutrients remain.
So what can we do? With so many additives it is not practical to learn which are worse than others. Our recommendation is to eat as close from nature as possible. The longer timeline from farm to table requires processing with depletion of nutrients and a greater temptation to add preservatives to prevent spoilage and preserve profit. For those who find it difficult to avoid products that come in a box or a bag, it may be necessary to avoid those that portend to be low fat. It is a marketing scheme, where they tell you that it is low fat but omit to tell you that it is high in sugar. Somehow we have been conditioned that eating fat will make you fat but eating sugar will make you skinny. How is that working for you? Better yet, take a look around to see whether it’s working for anybody else. I bet that you’ll find that it isn’t.
Worldwide several populations enjoy good health and longevity while consuming fats. The most popular reference is the Mediterranean diet which is high in omega 3 fats contained in olive oil, fish and nuts. These are the essential fatty acids required for human survival which humans cannot make themselves and are required to eat. Of course, an active lifestyle has a lot to do with it as well. Walk instead or riding, and engage in as much physical activity as you can safely tolerate.
A recent department of agriculture study found that approximately 47% of Americans are deficient in B vitamins. The foods tested were also severely nutrient deficient compared to those produced 25 years ago. In addition, the agricultural soils tested were also deficient. This reveals an impending crisis in our food growing culture that is already impacting our health. Present policies encourage the production of cheap, nutrient poor foods that are implicated in causing disease. In this case our cheap food does not buy us much health. It’s simply not possible for us to take out any nutritional benefits that our foods didn’t put in.
The next logical step is to have your micronutrient and vitamin levels tested at Wellness and Hormone Centers of America. Don’t live with deficiencies that produce a lifestyle that you assume is due to old age. The extent of testing may depend on what your insurance covers, your wishes and whether you have the funds to cover the costs. Before you make up your mind please know that “wealth without health has no meaning”. Wealth with disease and suffering is something we all want to avoid. Without a plan you’ll get what’s coming.
So, preserve your independence by being proactive. Stretch and exercise to preserve the function you need to be able to take care of yourself at any age. We at Wellness and Hormone Centers of America will measure and correct any deficiencies that we find, including hormones and nutrients so that you can feel better and look younger than you are. Don’t accept feeling your age. There won’t be much to your wealth when you’re all out of health.
George E. Sadowski, MD, presently the Medical Director of the Wellness & Hormone Centers of America, is a physician with a thriving surgical practice with the Surgical Associates of North Florida in St. Augustine. He received his undergraduate education from the University of Rochester and his medical degree from the prestigious St. George University. Dr. Sadowski has shared his expertise with various hospitals around the country including Greater Baltimore Medical Center and Flagler Hospital. In addition to a fellowship at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center, he has received certifications from both the ACLS and the American Heart Association for his outstanding work in many areas of the medical profession.
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