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Makeup MistakesAt Wanda’s Cosmetics and Fragrances, you’ll learn makeup application techniques that will transform you from a plain Jane to a sophisticated beauty. Offering the latest makeup trends and this season’s hottest looks, colors and techniques, out team will help you achieve your ideal goal.  Our expert team of makeup artist can help you choose the perfect shades of foundation, eye color, blush, bronzer and lipstick to bring out your natural beauty.  We also offer a full line of fragrances perfect for leaving a lasting impression.  Wanda’s Cosmetics and Fragrances offers free makeovers with any one of her talented makeup artists! The Big Apple Flea Market offers a wide variety of beauty, health and wellness merchants for all your needs!
Come take a bite out of The Big Apple and don’t forget to stop by and pick up your discount coupons at the Market office for additional savings!
Common Makeup Mistakes
Wearing the Wrong Shade
of Foundation
We all do it one point or another, and it’s an easy fix. Choose two shades that come closest to your skin tone, apply each your jaw line, and then go outside in natural light and look in a mirror. Your best color will disappear into your own skin color, leaving a natural look.
Applying Makeup to Dry Skin
This is a huge no-no. Applying makup to dry skin will accentuate flakiness, fine lines and wrinkles.  It is also difficult for foundation to blend into dry skin, without moisturized skin makeup will sit atop of skin and appear caked on.  Instead exfoliate weekly and use a rich moisturizer after.  Daily use a moisturizer prior to make up application will give you a youthful glow.
Choosing the Wrong Shade of Blush
Blushes should complement your natural blush tone. The best blush results from consulting a professional makeup artist to find your perfect shades.  Remember if you choose a bolder lip, pair that with a subtler shade of blush.
Applying too Much Bronzer
The over-liberal application of bronzer as one of the biggest makeup blunders, this can result in the dreaded orange look or deep set browns that appear unnatural.  Instead of applying bronzer all over the face, focus on highlighting the temples, forehead, nose and neck.
Using Dirty Brushes
or Make-up Applicators
Applying makeup with a dirty brush or old sponge will lead to a ashy look and endless breakouts no matter your age.  For a fresh face look keep your tools clean and new.  Wash tools with a mild shampoo or instant brush cleaner and replace sponges regularly.
Wearing the Same Makeup Each Season
Finding that your eye makeup keeps running now that the season has changed? Switch over formulas during spring and summer to waterproof pencils and mascaras as well as cream eye shadows to stop your makeup from melting away.
Wearing the Same Foundation
Year Round
Much like your color cosmetics, your foundation needs to be switched up during the summer months. You have a summer wardrobe and winter wardrobe, the same applies to your face.
Not Testing Makeup
You wouldn’t just hold up a pair of jeans to see if they fit, you must try them on.  The same holds true for makeup.  You can’t trust the appearance of makeup in the bottle.  Liquid products oxidize on the skin and in the air, changing the color, texture, and appearance on your skin.
Applying too Much Powder
We have all experienced the dreaded oily face as the day progresses.  However, powdering throughout the day to absorb oil will only lead to a heavy and cakey makeup appearance.  Instead, use blot tissue to absorb excess oil and leave your face and makeup looking fresh.
Over-Exaggerating Eyebrows
Bold brows are in.  They are a perfect way to frame your face and highlight your eyes but only if the color and shape suits your face, hair and skin color. Often women with thin eyebrows try to create a fuller brow with a pencil that’ is too darker, and this can look very harsh. If you are a brunette, try a shade lighter than your natural color, and for blondes and redheads, go a shade darker.
Getting Stuck in a Rut
We all have one staple product we have worn for years and won’t give up! We buy it time and time again, but it could be holding you back from updating your look. Trust one of our makeup artists to help you choose an updated texture, tone, or hue that will bring your favorite qualities of the old faithful without dating the vibrant youthful you.
Get the latest makeup application tips and tricks at The Big Apple Flea Market at Wanda’s Cosmetics and Fragrances located at 5283 West Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, just west of Military Trail. Visit Wanda’s Cosmetics and Fragrances for all your beauty, hair and nail needs!
We offer free makeovers to help you update you fabulous look and experiment with new techniques and colors.

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