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BHRT Offers Anti-Aging Benefits Without the Risks Associated with Traditional Hormone Replacement

BHRT offers Anti-Aging BenefitsAre You One of Thousands of Women Who Are Suffering From?
• Low Sex Drive and Libido?
• Sexual Dysfunction?
• Headaches and Migraines?
• Insomnia?
• Hot Flashes?
• Mood and Depression?
• Joint Aches and Pains?
• Stubborn Belly Fat?
• Brain Fog and Memory Loss?
• Weight Gain and Muscle Loss
• Fatigue and Sleeping Difficulty?

As we age the production of Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone decrease in production leading to uncomfortable and even debilitation symptoms. If you are one of the thousands of women experiencing these symptoms options are available.

BHRT (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy) could be the answer to regain you life, energy and vitality. HRT has been called the “Elixir of Youth”, often the #1 anti-aging therapy. Not only does it restore energy, and ease symptoms of menopause and perimenipause, it restores skins youthful luster, improves skin elasticity and promotes collagen production.

What is BioIdentical Hormone Therapy?
Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is a philosophy or approach to hormone replacement that satisfies 3 key principles:

1. All hormones used are chemically identical to human hormones. Bioidentical hormones are derived from natural sources and then modified in the lab to become identical to human hormones. This kind of hormone replacement therapy allows for more predictable activity on human cells and more predictable metabolism of the hormones.

2. The dosage is individualized to a patient’s specific hormonal needs. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy requires testing to determine an individual’s baseline hormone levels and rigorous symptom evaluation to create a customized dosage based on the individual’s particular hormone needs.

3. The goal is to achieve a balance of activities of the hormones to improve quality of life and prevent disease. All the hormones work together in concert in the body, so optimizing the activity of one hormone enhances the effects of others, and vice versa. Balance is probably the most important concept in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. The human body is incredibly complex and intricate, and the purpose of treatment is not to override the body’s innate intelligence, but to facilitate it, restoring balance and improving quality of life.

Is it Safe?
Yes, over the past 10 years Hormone Replacement Therapy has been vilified by the media. More recent studies only support the safety of HRT for women. While HRT is counter indicated with individuals with specific health issues, for the general adult female population it is safe, effective, and life altering. In a recent Danish study, after 10 years of treatment, women receiving hormone replacement therapy early after menopause had a significantly reduced risk of mortality, heart failure or heart attack, without any apparent increase in risk of cancer or stroke.

The Women’s Health Initiative WHI study, which included 27,347 women, showed that hormone replacement theory done with synthetic hormones posed significant health risks to women. Especially the older women in the study had a higher risk of breast cancer and stroke. The study was prematurely cancelled because of these findings. It is important to note that these studies were not done using bio-identical hormones. Women in the study received 0.625 mg of Premarin (equine estrogen) plus 2.5 mg of Provera, a synthetic hormone derived from progesterone. This study has been criticized because it used non-human hormones or hormone-like compounds and not natural hormones. Critics point out that many of the problems found in the study may not have occurred, if bio-identical hormones would have been used. There have been smaller European studies using bio-identical hormones that did not show the problems that were shown in the WHI study, but because the studies were much smaller it is not safe to conclude that bio-identical hormones do not pose a health risk

Are You a Candidate for HRT?
If you are experiencing the symptoms there is help available. Working with an expert in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy could hold the answers you are looking for. For consultation with one of our Anti-Aging Medical Professionals specializing in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy call us at 561-316-6916.

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