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Focus on the Face

by Dr. Robin Sykes

Focus on the Face You look in the mirror in the morning, and the face that greets you makes you exclaim “My face is falling”. It can be hard to put your “best face forward” when you know that no amount of makeup or sleep will fill in the hollows of your cheeks, or take away the sad expression around your mouth. Often times, this is what brings a patient to the plastic surgeon.

Fortunately, there are some wonderful ways to fix sad faces, and the results can be natural in appearance. One is the mini-facelift. This procedure is safer and quicker than a standard facelift , and highly effective in making the face look refreshed and natural. It is a great procedure when done earlier in life, and can even be done later in life as a conservative, safer lift.

The other answer is a true revolution. It involves restoring the volumes of the face which have been lost over time primarily through fat and bone loss, as a result of natural aging. The fillers available that do these miracles have been evolving over the past decade, and there are now a number of excellent choices of products to use. It is amazing what a little filler in the cheeks can do to rejuvenate the appearance, taking a “rectangular” face, bottom-heavy due to jowl formation, and to restore a more youthful “oval” or “heart-shaped ” face with the use of cheek augmentation.

Over the past two years, even more fillers have also become available, which are able to smooth out fine and deeper lines of the cheeks and lips, in what can be described as “air-brushing” the face. These fillers are very soft and pliable, and do not increase volume, but result in a smoother overall appearance.

The best thing about fillers, is that they fill in a void in the surgeon’s armamentarium. There is no surgery involved, and they can give results that enhance a surgical procedure. They can be used in place of surgery if surgery is not wanted or not needed. They are great with minimal downtime after a prior facelift, when volume loss becomes apparent. The use of topical anesthetic and micro-cannulas can also give a quicker result with less pain and bruising.

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Robin A. Sykes, MD is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon. She has a BA in Biology from Wells College, an MD from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, General Surgery training at the University of Miami, and Plastic Surgery training at the University of Kansas. She is a National Merit Scholar and Phi Beta Kappa. In addition, she has many years of art training, and brings this to her work in aesthetic plastic surgery.  Many new technologies as well as new aesthetic devices and products are available in her practice, so that she can offer a variety of surgical and nonsurgical treatments for your unique aesthetic needs and desires.

2055 Military Trail, Suite 305
Jupiter, FL 33458

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