April 14, 2021 - Wednesday

North Palm Beach Edition

Eyelash Transplants Offer Beauty and Protection for Weak and Damaged Lashes

Eyelash Transplants

While long, luscious eyelashes are an eternal sign of youth and beauty, their benefits go far past aesthetics. Eyelashes are the primary way potentially damaging dust motes and debris are kept away from the delicate surface of the eye. Most people don’t realize how delicate and fragile natural eyelashes really are. Aging, heredity, false lashes, injuries, illness and obsessive hair …

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A Superior Technology & is ALL the Rave for Treating Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Treating Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Think that only Botox and fillers can treat fine lines and wrinkles for the face and neck? Think again – A revolutionary in-office procedure that is non-invasive is causing quite a stir in the aesthetic industry. It’s highly effective and uses a cooling system to protect the dermal layers of the skin that area being treated. As well as being …

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Sexual Dysfunction & The Conditions That Lead To ED

Sexual Dysfunction

We’ve all heard the statistics that heart disease, breast, lung and prostate cancer are some of most common disease states in men and women, and if not treated, many times, they lead to untimely death, but we hear very little about the way sexual dysfunction can contribute to other health conditions. Sexual dysfunction affects both men and women. Women often …

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Cheryl Masters – Mortgage Protection: What You Should Know

Mortgage Protection

If something happens, the last thing a family should have to worry about is making the mortgage payment. Some programs will return all the premium you paid, when the policy expires. Chery Masters is the life insurance agency owner at Masters Life Insurance in association with Family First Life. She is an expert at bridging the gap between the community …

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Acupuncture for Mood, Energy, and Weight Loss


How does Acupuncture Effect Your Mood? Did you know that a foul mood or a short temper can be a consequence of chronic stress in your life? Over time, these emotions can progress into more emotional conditions such as anxiety and depression as well as other health conditions such as digestive problems, trouble sleeping, and the tendency to get sick …

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Stem Cells and Exosomes for Degenerative Conditions and Injuries: Do They Work? REJUVAnation Medical Center

Stem Cells

Are you a work-out enthusiast that has pushed too far? Perhaps you are just wanting to be free from joint pain caused by arthritis. Many people suffer from chronic pain, which can be attributed to degenerative disease, injuries, being overweight, inflammation, and a gamut of other issues. One sentiment rings true in these cases; patients want to be able to …

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LANAP: A Painless Way to Treat Gum and Bone Loss

LANAP: A Painless Way to Treat Gum and Bone Loss

Many of us have been told by the dentist and the hygienist that we have developed “deep pockets” or experienced bone loss around our teeth. These comments often trigger fear related to losing teeth and the pain associated with treatment. Although traditional periodontal surgery to treat these issues can often be performed in a painless fashion, the fear of pain …

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The Latest Advancement in Refractive, Laser-Assisted Surgery for Cataracts

Laser-Assisted Surgery for Cataracts

Dr. Monique Barbour Clear Vue Eye Center According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, Cataracts affect more than 24.4 million Americans age 40 and older, and by age 75, more than half of that demographic will have advanced cataracts. The usual symptoms of cataracts are blurry vision, seeing double, sensitivity to light (both natural and synthetic), trouble with night vision, …

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By David A. Goldman, M.D. CentraSight is the first treatment program to use a tiny telescope that is implanted inside the eye … Smaller than a pea, the telescope implant uses micro-optical technology to magnify objects that would normally be seen in one’s ‘straight ahead’ vision.” Imagine the heartbreak for someone who gradually loses the ability to see her grandchildren, …

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All You Need is Love

In 1967 the Beatles released a song titled “All We Need Is Love” which sat atop Billboard’s charts for eleven consecutive weeks. Their manager at the time stated, “… they really wanted to give the world a message… it is a clear message saying that love is everything.” In fact, the simple chorus repeats the words: “all you need is …

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