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Eyelash Transplants Offer Beauty and Protection for Weak and Damaged Lashes

Eyelash Transplants
Before and after Eyelash Transplant by Dr. Alan Bauman

While long, luscious eyelashes are an eternal sign of youth and beauty, their benefits go far past aesthetics. Eyelashes are the primary way potentially damaging dust motes and debris are kept away from the delicate surface of the eye.

Most people don’t realize how delicate and fragile natural eyelashes really are. Aging, heredity, false lashes, injuries, illness and obsessive hair pulling can result in permanent weakening or hypotrichosis of the lash follicles or total loss leading to lash baldness. While certain long-term topical treatments can help to boost the length of weak lashes, only eyelash transplantation can permanently replace lashes that are dead and gone.

If you have experienced a loss of your lashes through injury, trauma, overuse of eyelash extensions, hair pulling, or you simply want longer thicker lashes without mascara, an Eyelash Transplant procedure may be for you.

What is an Eyelash Transplant?
Unlike false lashes or eyelash extensions, eyelash transplantation is a safe, effective way to permanently restore living and growing lashes to your eyelid.

Eyelash transplants are an advanced microsurgical procedure that takes living, growing hair follicles from the scalp and implants them into the upper eyelids. The procedure can be used to enhance the density and fullness of the eyelashes for purely cosmetic purposes, and it’s also an effective treatment to restore permanent loss of the lashes due to the misuse of eyelash extensions, eyelid trauma, burns, chemotherapy, radiation and trichotillomania (aka hair or lash pulling).
The newly implanted lashes will continue to grow long, just like the hair on the head and require regular maintenance and trimming.

A Fix for Weak, Damaged or Missing Lashes
For some patients, the overuse of eyelash extensions can cause permanent eyelash loss. It is assumed that this eyelash loss is a result of ‘traction alopecia’– similar to the damage to scalp follicles from tight braiding, hair extensions or chronic hair-pulling. For those who choose eyelash extensions, gentle removal and/or replacement of your eyelash extensions by a highly-trained aesthetician or cosmetologist is recommended to prevent damage to your eyelashes. Should eyelash damage occur, it might be temporary. Oftentimes, after six to twelve months, eyelash growth will ‘rebound’ somewhat if the damage is not severe. However, if the eyelash damage is permanent, eyelash transplantation can be used to replace lost lashes.

About Eyelashes and Eyelash Transplants
Eyelashes are the primary mechanism by which the eyes are protected from dust motes and debris.
Eyelashes provide symmetry and beauty to the eye area and face.
Eyelash transplant procedures can be used to enhance the cosmetic appearance of the eyes or to restore lashes to a damaged eyelid.
Patients who may benefit from an eyelash transplant are those who have lost their eyelashes through trauma or trichotillomania, as well as those who are looking for an increase in the number or length of their eyelashes.
In a safe and minimally-invasive same-day procedure, hundreds of donor hair follicles are harvested from the back of the scalp and comfortably implanted into the eyelid using a modified “sewing insertion” technique.
Healing is complete and the transplanted eyelashes are shed about one week after the procedure with the new lashes beginning to grow in about six weeks.
The transplanted lashes are permanent, grow long and need to be periodically trimmed and curled routinely.

Since 1999, Dr. Bauman’s Eyelash Transplant procedures have been featured across the national media, including ABC’s Good Morning America, CNN, Access Hollywood, FOX News and other news programs. He is recognized as a pioneer of the procedure and has authored scientific articles and textbook chapters on eyelash transplantation. Dr. Bauman was a featured lecturer at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeon First Regional Live Surgery Workshop on Eyelash Transplantation held in Los Angeles in 2006, where he also performed a live surgery demonstration of an eyelash transplant. Demand for eyelash transplants have skyrocketed since this procedure has been proven to be safe and effective when performed by highly skilled, properly trained surgeons who are committed to providing ALL aspects of care during and after eyelash transplant procedures.

For more information on weak or damaged eyelashes, or to learn if an eyelash transplant is right for you, please call 561-220-3480 or point your camera at the QR code below to schedule your consultation at www.baumanmedical.com.

Tips on Finding a Qualified Hair Restoration Physician
A Hair Restoration Physician is someone who specializes exclusively in the medical diagnosis, treatment, and tracking of hair loss and hair growth in addition to hair transplantation.
Look for full-time hair transplant surgeons who are certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) and accepted by the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS).
Due to the limited number of full-time, experienced ABHRS-certified Hair Restoration Physicians worldwide, prospective patients should be prepared to travel and-or consult “virtually” via phone or video-call using Zoom, Skype, Facetime, etc.
Before choosing your doctor, visit the clinic, read reviews, ask for before-and-after pictures and most importantly, ask questions about how to achieve your desired results and what should be done to maintain them.
The ISHRS or International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery recently urged patients to avoid unprofessional clinics and unscrupulous hair transplant practices that offer unsolicited financial incentives upfront. Ask yourself if a practice offering “free consultations,” deeply discounted coupons, or financial rebates truly has your best interests in mind.
Ask for a referral from your primary care doctor or dermatologist to a qualified, credentialed, experienced, full-time Hair Restoration Physician who is fully equipped and trained to diagnose, treat and track your hair loss process and achieve your hair restoration goals.

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