July 15, 2020 - Wednesday

How Super Oxygen Can Change Your Life

By Dr. Steve Lanoff and Cyndi Menaker,  LMT
How Super Oxygen Can Change your LifeSuper Oxygen is a strategic approach to longevity, healthy living and overall vitality.  It goes beyond a quick fix to alleviate symptoms and significantly helps in rebuilding and supporting your body from the inside out!
True wellness involves a lifestyle that includes an understanding of how the environment, products we use, foods we eat and medications we take impact our health. All of these things are sources of many different toxins that get into our body and effect the way our organ systems are working right down to each individual cell!
The negative effects are imperceptible at first. As time goes by and toxins accumulate, impairing the cells ability to absorb and utilize oxygen, we notice changes in our energy levels, body weight, troubles with our digestion, experience more congestion, brain fog, blood pressure increases and the list goes on and on. Most commonly we think it’s just because we are getting older. Contrary to popular belief the body is not on a set schedule of demise directly correlated with our age. We have been told it’s natural to have arthritis at 40 or memory loss at 50… no, no, no!
In reality the body is screaming for more Oxygen! Our cells are not utilizing all the energy producing factories inside them because they are slowly suffocating. If cells are depleted of oxygen, they can’t make adequate amounts of energy known as Adenosine Tri-Phosphate, ATP.
Now we have become symptomatic and the list of diagnosis for syndromes and diseases start building. We need to know how we can repair damage already done and prevent further damage from happening.
So, what should we do???
Energize your body’s energy zones with Super Oxygen!
When Super Oxygen, 03, is introduced it reacts with these unhealthy cells and neutralizes the damage. Even better, Super Oxygen targets impaired cells and pathogens while energizing healthy cells. It is nature’s natural antibiotic cleansing and purifying the blood. The many benefits of Super Oxygen include:
• Increases circulation
• Improves athletic endurance
• Lowers blood pressure
• Enhances libido
• Decreases brain fog
• Improves immune system
• Helps weight loss
• Improves sleep
• Enhances memory
How can you get super Oxygen?
The Bardo Sauna
There are many ways to administer Super Oxygen, however, the easiest and most enjoyable way is to receive Super Oxygen as you sit in a personal steam sauna. The only sauna that delivers Super Oxygen effectively is one that starts with a cycle of carbonic acid, like the Bardo Sauna. Carbonic acid is a powerful vaso-dilator that enhances the oxygen delivery system in the body so maximum absorption of Super Oxygen is achieved. Additional benefits are stimulating collagen production so skin appears tighter and brighter.
When your body starts to detoxify, you will feel the uplifting effects. The Bardo Sauna is also unique because it has several other modalities that enhance the effects of Super Oxygen such as Ultrasonic Cavitation. Ultrasonic Cavitation mobilizes fat cells and releases more toxins as it sculpts the body.  Electrotherapy utilizes specific electrical impulses to target pathogens, bacteria, viruses etc., again enhancing the detoxification effects. The Hyperthermia effects of increasing the body’s temperature promotes dilation increasing nutrient and blood flow, aiding detoxification and energy production.
Experience a higher level of health and energy after a series of Super Oxygen sessions at the BiO2 Energy Zone. Call 561-692-1516.

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