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Is Using Your Insurance Coverage Too Costly?

Is Using Your Insurance Coverage Too Costly?Glades Medical Group was established over twenty years ago by David B. Hevert M.D. as a medical practice founded on award winning first class primary and preventative care and outstanding in the strength of our renowned personal relationships with each individual patient. Glades Medical Group is distinguished in the field for our belief in constant contact with our patients and their families – when they need us.
Our world class physicians and medical team administer care for our patients around the clock – in the emergency rooms at Boca Raton Regional Hospital and Delray Medical Center, admitting and coordinating patient care in both the hospital and rehabilitation facilities, and overseeing their care at home.
We all want and deserve a physician and health care team who knows us and our families on a personal level, caring for us as we travel on life’s journey.
Glades Medical Group takes pride in caring above and beyond other practices, treating patients as members of an extended family. We do everything possible to accommodate visiting family members who have fallen ill while “home for the holidays or vacation” – because it happens, and why should they have to wait for hours in an ER with strangers?
Glades Medical Group offers a comprehensive wellness program tailored to fit a full spectrum of individual lifestyles, from age specific care, to gender based treatment needs. We offer highly effective maintenance programs for preventative care to increase vitality, enhance memory, reduce stress, and improve overall quality of life.
Patients from twelve through senior years – focused on acute, chronic care and lifelong management of health and well-being.
• Call for same day appointments
• Annual Physicals
• 24 Hour on call services
• Hospital privileges at Boca Raton Regional Hospital and Delray Medical Center
• Prescriptions available as needed
• Weight management nutrition
Private Fee Services
Many individuals have insurance coverage with high deductibles or high “out of pocket” expenses.
We can meet those needs! Our services, such as office visits, laboratory tests, ultrasounds, bone density tests and more are affordable.  We are pleased to discuss private pricing with you.  You will be amazed at how reasonable the prices are!  We also can review your insurance benefits with you so that you are aware of all the services your insurance may cover.
Our laboratory services are state of the art.  We offer a variety of special testing for your well being.  Our lab being on-site is an added convenience for all of our patients.  The majority of our lab tests are done same day as your office visit.  Our physicians can discuss the range of lab tests that are available including minerals, vitamin levels and lipid profiles.  We encourage our patients to be a full partner in their own health care and include them in planning patients’ preventative care needs as well as their ongoing care.
Dr. Montalvan is board certified in Internal Medicine and completed his internship and residency training in Mt. Vernon Hospital, Mt. Vernon, New York.
He has a broad medical background in Occupational Medicine, Emergency Medicine in Newark, NJ and NY, also is a consulting Toxicologist and a member of the Fellowship Program at Hackensack University Medical Center, Hackensack, New Jersey.
Dr. Montalvan had his own Internal Medicine practice for over fifteen years in Rochelle Park, New Jersey and admitted to renowned Hackensack University Medical Center.
Dr. Montalvan lives in Boca Raton and has three children – twin daughters and a son.  He is an associate clinical professor at Florida Atlantic University Schmidt School of Medicine, Boca Raton campus. Dr. Montalvan is fluent in English and Spanish. He is a strong proponent of healthy living and is dedicated to providing full-service medical care to his patients.
Glades Medical Group
3848 FAU Boulevard #210, Boca Raton, FL 33431
(561) 394-3088

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