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The Cost of Hearing Aids: Common Misconceptions

The Cost of Hearing Aids: Common MisconceptionsMaking the appropriate hearing device choices is essential for long-term hearing attainment. Failing to make those decisions based on widespread misconceptions and misunderstandings is unfortunately all too common for seniors.
Thirty-five million Americans have hearing loss, and many of them do not get the proper treatment that they need. For someone with hearing loss, communication can be difficult, but it goes both ways. If you have a family member or friend with hearing loss, it’s important to listen well and to be empathetic. Consequently, for an individual that has difficulty hearing, communication can lead to emotional and social apprehension if the person is not supported or respected.
Sensorineural hearing loss is permanent and is caused by lesions, damage to the inner ear hair cells or auditory nerve. Sensorineural hearing loss cannot be restored or cured, so the typical treatment option is hearing aid devices. Hearing aids amplify and make sounds louder. For a person with compromised hearing, hearing aids should be worn on a daily basis in order for the person to feel comfortable and to better understand the technology that is inside of the device and how to adjust it as necessary.
Hearing Aid Options and Misconceptions Style & Sizes vs. Technology:
Hearing devices come in various sizes and colors, and there are behind the ear (BTE) and in the ear (ITE) options; however, these choices have little to do with the actual type of device you should decide on when selecting hearing aids. What matters most about the hearing aid is the technology.
When it comes to the technology feature of hearing aids, an audiologist will guide you as to which option is best suited for your personal needs. Because some individuals have hearing loss in both ears, some, just in one ear, and the level of hearing varies from person to person, there should never be a “one size fits all” approach.
Office Visit Process Should Include:
Along with a hearing test, your audiologist should offer an in-depth evaluation of your home-life, work-life, and social life. If you are very active and frequent loud events or restaurants regularly, you may need a stronger technology than a person who has minimal hearing loss, or one that leads a quieter life in general.
Why You Should See
An Audiologist
If you are experiencing hearing loss, it’s important to seek out a qualified audiologist, because they are trained to get you the best outcome and resolution for your specific condition. If you’ve noticed that it’s difficult to hear conversations in a noisy atmosphere, or you feel the need to adjust your television volume much higher than before, it’s vital for you to have your hearing checked.
Perhaps you or your loved one keeps asking for people to repeat themselves, or you can’t quite pick up where sounds are coming from; if this is the case, don’t wait until your hearing loss gets any worse, schedule your appointment as soon as you possibly can.
Dr. Maya Berenson with Palm Beach Hearing associates takes the time to evaluate your personal hearing device needs, and she works with the leading seven manufacturers in the hearing aid industry allowing you to have options that work best for your specific needs.
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