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TubcuT® Can Help Alleviate Slip and Falls and trouble getting in and out of the Bath

TubcuT®  Can Help Alleviate Slip and Falls and trouble getting in and out of the BathWisdom may come with age but getting older has its set of challenges. People are living longer but not necessarily healthier. From diminished eyesight, arthritis, immobility, to cognitive decline, some conditions make it high-risk and unsafe for seniors living on their own or with limited supervision.
Some of the biggest hurdles for seniors are tripping, slips and falls, slippery bathtubs, and getting in and out of the bath or shower. These can be extremely hazardous for those with arthritis, dementia, fibromyalgia, cardiac conditions, Parkinson’s and many other conditions that cause stiffness, pain, lack of coordination, immobility and failure to be able to follow direction.
Whether from injury or aging, getting in and out of a bathtub can be challenging. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a bathroom renovation, you can easily convert your tub into a walk-in shower with the TubcuT® Company.
The TubcuT® is the original tub to shower conversion, and it helps to improve accessibility, reduce accidents, serious injuries and help people remain in their homes longer. And the good news is, you will save on average, 90% of replacement costs with TubcuT® as they convert your tub into a walk-in shower in just one day. There is no plumbing or demolition required, and there is little to no disruption. A regular shower curtain is all that’s needed to stop any water overspray concerns; they can also install shower doors if you’d prefer.
It’s Like Having A Walk In Shower Without The Cost!
TubcuT® creates an opening that fits your needs. Unlike cap systems, The TubcuT ® adapts to you and what your lifestyle requires. With TubcuT’s® exclusive process, you dictate where they create the opening, how wide it will be, and how low.
The TubcuT® threshold is typically 4” above the floor giving you more accessible, safer access, the same as a typical shower pan. TubcuT® Follows the same exact contour of your tub there, and there is no ledge on the threshold or bulky plastic inserts. Those inferior plastic inserts are just caulked in and are subject to leaking and will need service down the road. The TubcuT® is custom fitted to your tub creating a seamless, waterproof shower with a professional factory appearance that’s unlike anything else available. The TubcuT® is the only tub to shower conversion that can be reversed! If you save the cutout section of the tub, they can easily restore your bathtub to its original condition if needed.
The TubcuT® changes lives, but many dismiss it as something only for the elderly. However, there is another class of customer that it suits just as well, those with health and mobility issues. People with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy to name a few, will benefit significantly from The TubcuT®.
For accident victims, anyone in chronic pain, people with knee or hip replacements or any neuro-muscular disease, the TubcuT® can be a life-changing product. To find out more, contact them today!
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